Something about me....


I'm Anglo-Australian, in that I was brought up in England and now make my home in Australia. (I have an degree in English from Cambridge but I don't think it shows.)

I live in a northern outpost of Sydney, with Meredith. (She drew the portrait of me). We keep dogs, cats, chickens and bees. (This is our dog George - isn't he handsome?). Together we run Sappho Books.

I used make my living in the IT industry, one of the advantages of which was that I was never drawn into conversations at parties about my 'interesting' line of work. (Now I do have an interesting line of work, but I avoid parties). I did my writing on the train, and to that end always made sure I lived a 50 minute ride from my place of work (those days are long gone but I am now unable to compose without the soothing tones of incessant 'quiet carriage' announcements).