"Angus Gaunt"


Maybe you're on the lookout for obscure Australian literature, or you happen to know me (now or in a former life), or perhaps you just got lost... more likely though, you are someone who has expressed interest in my writing - I made this site to have somewhere to direct you to, which would in turn point you towards a few samples.


In here you will find a little about me, the writing I like, links to some of the writing I do which may inspire you to fork out a few $ for more. If you do, you won't be the loser, and I'll have gained the priceless frisson of knowing my words are being consumed. Which is important to me (the $ are not). You see, just as the musician wants to be heard, or the painter seen, the writer wants to be read.


What is writing to me? To me it's the most satisfying and stimulating thing I could be doing. I'd keep doing it whether anybody reads it or not. But readers make it complete - they join the two ends to make the circle.


Some of my work is published, some isn't. I've had a few good reviews and novels of mine have been shortlisted for three major prizes (is there an equivalent phrase to 'prize winning author' for someone who has been a runner-up?).

Click here for a quick read


If you feel like dropping me a line, please do - I'd really like to know what you think, not least because it would mean I can count you as a reader. 


So what do I write?

It's all fiction. Non-genre. 'Serious' if you like, in that style and tone is important, as is using the right words in the right order, working out what to say and what to leave unsaid. There is story too, and characters, of course, but the writing is not calculated for any purpose other than to satisfy me, with the hope that it satisfies you too.




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